biennaledipisa marivericalidis
Mari Verticali venne realizzata per Louis Vuitton, al padiglione Venezia, in occasione della 54 edizione della Biennale di Venezia. Plessi propone qui una nuova visione della sua flotta digitale che si sviluppa in maniera simbiotica all’interno della struttura a emiciclo del Padiglione Venezia, riempiendone gli spazi con un grandioso concerto d’acque in continuo movimento e divenire. Sei imbarcazioni in acciaio nero emergono dall’oscurità mentre sui video schermi delle chiglie sono evocati suoni, correnti e flutti di simbolici mari.

MARI VERTICALI, Fabrizio Plessi #mariverticali #fabrizioplessi #tempodacqua #thetimeofwater

In 2005 Fabrizio Plessi creates an updated version of Mare Verticale at the entrance to the Biennial Gardens: a cylinder that appears to emerge from the Venetian lagoon at a height of 44 meters, the symbol of the same Biennial of Art. In 54th Venice Biennale of 2011, Venice Pavillion is completely dedicated to him with video-installations Mari Verticali with big steel black boats, with a permanent and exciting water concert.

Fabrizio Plessi has been fascinated always by water, a recurring theme which has become the focus of his artwork in the form of installations, films, videotapes and performances.In 1970 his work was exhibited at the experimental Pavilion of the Biennial of Venice and again in 1972. His works werw installed in all the world. During the 1980’s Plessi begins to experiment with video, focusing on the illusions created between representation and reality of liquid elements which are amplified by the extreme technology of mechanical and electronic reproduction.  More recently his artistic endeavours have drawn him closer to the city of Venice, where water – focal point of his art – plays a dominant role. In 2003, Fabrizio Plessi creates an installation for the Peggy Guggenheim Collection: Digital Fall one of the most technologically advanced sculptures in the world, fully equipped with constant air-control, an ultra-flat Led screen and full colour display.