Pisa floaded
Londra sommersa

L’ultimo è stato proiettato all’Armory Show, una fiera d’arte contemporanea che si è appena conclusa (marzo 2020), a New York. È un video di Tezi Gabunia, un’artista georgiano, che fa vedere una sala del Louvre di Parigi che si riempie lentamente d’acqua fino a esserne quasi sommersa. L’acqua, segnale del cambiamento climatico, inascoltata, diventa tragedia e distruzione. Il cambiamento climatico non riguarda solo l’Antartide, i ghiacci che si sciolgono e i terreni riarsi nel sud del mondo. È qui e ora. La torre di Pisa, il Louvre a Parigi o Londra sommersi fanno crescere la nostra consapevolezza e mutano il nostro modo di fare architettura.


BREAKING NEWS: FLOODING OF THE LOUVRE Tezi Gabunia  #ArmoryShow, TeziGabunia #tempodacqua #thetimeofwater

The last one has been shown in the contemporary art fair that has just ended (march 2020), at the Armory Show in New York. The video by Tezi Gabunia, a Georgian artist, shows a room in the Louvre in Paris that slowly fills with water until it is almost submerged. Water is a sentinel of climate change that, ignored, becomes tragedy and destruction. Climate change is not just about Antarctica, melting ice and parched land in the south of the world. It is here and now. The Tower of Pisa, Louvre in Paris or London city submerged increase our awareness and change the way we do architecture.

Global temperatures and sea levels are rising. Low-lying coastal cities are already experiencing devastating floods and working to come up with creative solutions to combat rising tides. Some cities are sinking due to increasing sea levels slowly encroaching on their coasts, while others are sinking because of excessive groundwater pumping that creates a change in pressure and volume that causes land to sink. Here are 11 sinking cities that are in danger of disappearing: Jakarta, Indonesia; Lagos, Nigeria; Houston, Texas, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Venice Italy, Virginia Beach, US; Bankok, Thailandia; New Orleans, US; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Alwxandria, Egypt; Miami, US (for more information, click here)