bennale di pisa perreira
Tempodacqua è forse una nuova parola da inserire nel dizionario. Se vogliamo un futuro, abbiamo bisogno di queste due parole. Il tempo ha un conto alla rovescia per affrontare la mancanza di acqua. Senza le due parole, non siamo nulla. Sopra, nuovo eco-quartiere parigino a Clichy-Batignolles, firmato da Vincent Parreira, Aires Mateus e Associados. A sinistra, complesso scolastico a Saint Denis.

VINCENT PARREIRA, AAVP #tempodacqua #thetimeofwater

Time is a notion that we lost: we always run somewhere without being aware of the fact that time is almost a creation of mankind. (…) Water. Both of us are coming from a place where water is inherent to our lives. First, as human beings, we would do nothing without water. Moreover, I also have this imaginary where water is almost a living being. Yet, water lives only through something else: our body. It is quite touching to think that we come from water. Tempodacqua is maybe a new word to insert in the dictionnary. If we want a future, we need these two words. Time has a count down facing the lack of water. Without the two words, we are nothing. 

Vincent Parreira is a Portuguese-French architect, born in Paris in 1969. Graduated from the Architecture School of Paris La Villette, he founded the studio AAVP Architecture which ambition is to offer projects full of feelings. The studio gathers today 20 architects working on a great range of subjects like housing, services or public facilities. Vincent Parreira received the Mention d’Honneur at the Equerre d’Argent Price in 2011.