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Calzature trasformabili per il cambiamento climatico — Footwear for climate change

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Nicholas Bennet, uno studente della Goldsmiths ha progettato delle calzature trasformabili waterproof che possono essere integrate nell’abito per proteggerlo dalle inondazioni che potrebbero diventare la nostra realtà quotidiana a causa del cambiamento climatico nel futuro, quando l’effetto dell’innalzamento dei mari diventerà talmente inevitabile che sarà necessario trovare soluzioni che si possano integrare negli oggetti d’uso quotidiano.

FLOOD-PROOF COMMUTER SUITS #NicholasBennet #tempodacqua #thetimeofwater

Goldsmiths student Nicholas Bennett has created waterproof footwear for commuters, that can be integrated into a suit to protect it from the floods that might become our daily reality due to climate change. The project imagines a future where the effects of rising sea-levels have become so inescapable, that solutions need to be integrated into our everyday products. In this case, that involves waterproofing office-appropriate brogues by merging them with wellies and adding fluorescent orange waders. These can be unfurled to groin height to keep the suit trousers dry or tucked away under their hem when not needed, with laces on the sides used to hide the shoes’ bulky form. The project is presented via a short film, in which a fictional corporate worker embarks on his daily commute, folding up his neatly ironed suit trousers and pulling the orange plastic over the top before wading through the knee-deep water.

Nicholas Bennett, a first year BA Design student at Goldsmiths, is the winner of the #CreateCOP25 competition launched by artist management agency Art Partner. The contest invited young creatives to submit artistic proposals that engage with contemporary issues around climate change.

Icefjord centre in Groelandia — Climate change’s last border

Sulla costa occidentale della Groenlandia si trova il massiccio ghiacciaio Sermeq Kujalleq nei pressi del quale Dorte Mandrup ha progettato il nuovo Icefjord Centre di Ilulissat. Il cantiere ha visto la luce nell’estate del 2019 e sarà un osservatorio privilegiato per gli studiosi del cambiamento climatico.

ICEFJORD CENTRE IN ILULISSAT, Dorte Mandrup #Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat #dortemandrup #tempodacqua #thetimeofwater

At the western coast of Greenland lies the massive glacier Sermeq Kujalleq. For more than 250 years, glaciologists have studied the ancient glacier and its daily production of immense amounts of ice, and it remains an ideal spot for scientific observation of climate change. Dorte Mandrup has designed the new Icefjord Centre in Ilulissat to blend in with the impressive landscape while offering local residents, tourists, and climate researchers the ultimate vantage point from which to absorb the historic atmosphere of the Icefjord. The Icefjord Centre will tell a story of ice, of human history and evolution on both a local and global scale.

Originating from a background in sculpture and ceramics, Dorte Mandrup’s approach to architecture has always been ‘hands on’. Shape and form constitute the company ethos – to create spaces which are aesthetically pleasing, contextually relevant, and invite people to engage.
Dorte Mandrup graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark in 1991. She founded her Copenhagen based studio in 1999 where she continues to be Creative Director. Her design philosophy and artistic yet systematic mindset permeates the entire office as she is design responsible in all projects.